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Adjustable Cabinet Handles Switch the Look of Furniture

Our Adjustable Cabinet Handles are about to take the market by storm; don't miss out on the opportunity to be involved with our innovative new product. Designed so you don't have to fill or create drill holes, anyone can install our adjustable drawer pulls, regardless of skills or available tools. To learn more about our furniture hardware or how you can get involved with our company, contact us in Toronto, Ontario.

Bilateral Adjustable Handle

How They Work

To change the look of furniture, Adjustable Cabinet Handles are easy to use.  Our bilateral adjustable handles are designed to fit pre-existing holes in cabinets or drawers. Connected to an internal shaft, the ends slide out providing up to an additional inch in length and include all increments in between. For example, if our three-inch handle is purchased, it can adjust up to four inches. If a four-inch handle is purchased, it can adjust up to five inches.

This clever new invention eliminates guesswork and prevents the need for drilling new holes. Once adjusted to the correct length, the handle locks firmly into place. Do-it-yourselfers and professionals will both agree that switching handles for a brand-new look has never been so easy!